Where Am I? Quiz

This was a ride I did quite a while ago, but thought I’d post the photos up to see if anyone can recognise the locations. The photos are in order of the  route & to give a bit of a clue, the route was NW’ish from Shrewsbury.

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  1. I think number 3 is Lower Frankton (steep bridge) Jenny

    1. Yes, the one with gouges in the road surface where cars have bottomed!!!

    2. Oh, goody . . . though it was John, not me . . . we cycled to Hordley church today, but their noticeboard has no pointy top. Pleasant spot for a sandwich, though – sheltered from the wind.

  2. 5 out of 7 correct Hazel šŸ‘
    #3 Lower Frankton canal bridge
    #5 Tetchill community notice board

  3. I couldn’t place any of these, except the last (banana stop location . . ) but the person I’m locked down with says they are: 1 Ruyton-XI-Towns, 2 Rednal, 3 Ellesmere, 4 cafe at Welsh Frankton, 5 Hordley, 6 Stanwardine-in-the-Fields, 7 Baschurch

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