What are people doing?

I have been going out twice a week for 2-3 hours. I do wonder where cycling for exercise which is allowed ends and cycling just for pleasure, presumably frowned upon, begins.

I thought I would out a three photos up taken today to see how well people know our area. They are all of churches. Answers on the back of a postcard! or as a comment on the website.

Perhaps others would like to do the same. it might help us keep in contact!

I hope everyone is well, obeying the lockdown rules and staying safe. Julian

and as an afterthought I have added another photo entitled ‘ no one told this lot that the race was postponed a long time ago’!!

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  1. just to let you know the churches were Wroxeter, Atcham and Berrington and the skeletons were New Orleans
    I will put some more up. How about someone else adding some of their photos.

  2. Hi All,

    We are enjoying rides round Wem every 2 or 3 days. We go out for about 2 hours in the morning, back for lunch, easy afternoon in the garden. Enjoying this unbelievable good weather. We hope to meet up again when all this is over.

    John and Jenny Leese.

  3. Hi Julian, nice to hear from you and a good idea with the churches (no idea I’m afraid!). I did post in the forum section of the website on 31 March (Copy below) but it doesn’t send alerts (unlike posts) so probably very few people saw it. I don’t know if Pete can set up an alert system to let members know when people post in the Forum? We’re (Anne and I) doing much the same as you. Riding shortish distances about 3 times a week (alternating with walking) and enjoying seeing people occasionally – we bumped into Celia on Tuesday – it’s definitely exercise though as it’s far less fun than stopping for coffee, lunch and cakes with friends!

    31 March: Well, didn’t we have a nice cycle ride today? Seeing as it’s a Tuesday (a usual club mid-week ride day for those with short memories) Anne and I decided to go for a quiet ride around the lanes close to home. We hadn’t gone too far when we had the pleasure of bumping into Graham and Jenny M (neither of whom we’ve seen for ages), so we had a nice chat with them.
    A few miles further on near Kinton we bumped into Dave B, again completely unplanned, so we had a chance to catch up with him too. He also told us that he’d seen and spoken with Peter S (also cycling) earlier in the morning.
    On our way back home we heard the familiar warning cry of ‘car back’ from a fellow cyclist who’d closed to within hearing distance of us. After the car went past, the caller turned out to be Martin C!
    It was lovely to be out, and, by chance, great to see so many familiar faces. It makes me wonder how many lanes there are in Shropshire. So, to all, keep cycling, keep safe and keep in touch with each other via the website or the new Whatsapp group.
    I should say in all seriousness that we didn’t literally ‘bump into’ anybody, and none of our meetings were prearranged. We also all carefully maintained the govt. recommended safe distance of being at least one bicycle length apart from each other at all times!

  4. Hi Julian. First, like you, I’ve been going out twice a week and, like you, wonder where basic exercise ends and enjoyment begins. I work on the premise that if you ride continuously, without stopping, and give anyone you meet a wide berth, you are within the spirit of the rules. Fortunately, I don’t think anyone thought it through. My thoughts on the photos? Battlefield, Berrington (definitely) and Atcham.

  5. Have also been getting out more on the bike. The quiz is a good idea, Julian. I don’t recognise any, but think I should! Perhaps, we need some clues?!

    1. Hi fellow Shropshire members,

      On our rides and around wem, we are passing lots of single cyclists, pairs and families. It is great to see. This is one advantage of the present situation. We hope it will continue.

      John and Jenny.

  6. Thanks Julian
    No idea but appreciate the idea
    Regards keep well
    Kevin Read-Jones

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