Uphill to the Stiperstones (round 2)

Due to work commitments I had to miss the Thursday ride thinking I would be office-bound all day. However, an early finish followed by an early lunch allowed me to get out on my bike and so I did a repeat of the Tuesday ride, led by Keith.

What a difference the sun makes, and that long up hill ride through Snailbeach, Pennerley to the Bog was so much easier because of it. Whilst eating a mars bar outside the Bog Visitors Centre, I noticed the bus timetable and now realise that we could, on Tuesday morning, have all caught the 9:43am bus from the English Bridge and it would have delivered us to the Visitors Centre at 10:52am as fresh as when we left town.

I don’t really know the Stiperstones, so thanks to Keith for introducing it to me and giving me a really satisfying ride in some decent weather today.

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