The Wrong Way up the Bulthy

Tuesday 1st February offered a B and a C category ride to Pontesbury but without a designated leader for the B ride. Peter Smith, who always seems to have a plan b in his pocket, undertook to lead the category B ride. Of the seventeen or so of us who gathered under Greyfriars Bridge only three decided on the B ride and so Richard and I set off led by Peter. We headed for Montford Bridge then Shrawardine and Pentre before Peter revealed we were going up the Bulthy from Crew Green. Having looked on Google Earth, Peter assured us that the first two hundred yards were the worst!! We carried on through Edgerley and Melverley resting for a while at the river bridge before entering Crew Green.

We then did the Bulthy the wrong way. We should have known with Peter being an ex Banker he wouldn't have been very good with figures, because it was the longest 200 yards I have ever cycled. The 200 yards seemed to go on for ever, but it does then flatten out before it rises again to take you over the top. It was hard ride to the top but rides in future that go up the "right way" will seem a bit of a doddle. The thing that puzzled us on the way up was the brand new upturned BMW motorbike. Seemed an odd place to leave such an expensive bike.

The ride down to Pontesbury via Halfway House and Westbury was fast and a joy to ride. After a good lunch the three of us set off via Longden, Exfords Green and Condover before going our various ways home, not before Richard called in to buy pork scratchings from the butcher in Condover.

An excellent ride again from Peter.

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