That’s Better!!…

Few spots as I set off for the meet, and a brief shower in the afternoon that stopped by the time we'd caped up.

Rest of the ride was just grey skies and a cold NE wind.

A dozen of us (sorry, can't remember all the names) set off from Greyfriars, led by Malcolm, through Wroxeter, Wrockwardine and Wellington (there were other places – just like the alliteration!) to the Bucks Head at Long Lane. On the way, we had an interesting roadside lecture from Steve about the construction of a Roman villa at Wroxeter by Channel 4 for a series of programs in the Autumn.

After the usual cheap two-course lunch (don't know how I got back on my bike), we set off back through Longdon, Rodington and Upton Magna (sorry, no common letters this time) with the wind behind us to arrive back earlier than expected to a welcome hot bath (in my case – no, I didn't clean my bike straight away this time).

Looking forward to next Thursday – got to go to work on Tuesday!

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