Shropshire Council’s latest cycling related initiatives

Following on from Shropshire Council’s mini-Holland bid, there are some interesting articles on their website relating to Shropshire as a whole & also the Shrewsbury West area, the latter giving an idea of what might be proposed in the future for other areas/towns etc.
1. New Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP)
Work begins to develop the plan – City Science Incorporation commissioned to develop the LCWIP with work starting in late October 2021 and due to be completed by early Summer 2022.

2. Bicton to Shrewsbury Town Centre Active Travel Corridor
In line with the government’s Gear Change target 2030, Shropshire Council is looking to implement a series of walking, cycling and bus priority improvements across Shropshire to increase levels of walking, cycling and public transport (active travel).
Shrewsbury West has been identified as our first area in which to progress studies and trial changes to the network to provide for more walking and cycling.
3. Copthorne Liveable Neighbourhood Trial (CLiNT)
4. Porthill Liveable Neighbourhood Trial (PLiNT)

2 comments on Shropshire Council’s latest cycling related initiatives

  1. They’ll only finish developing (& costing?) the plan itself by Summer 2022 & then I guess there’ll be a period of consultation and/or putting forward submission for money from somewhere!!!

  2. “Work begins to develop the plan” and that “work” won’t end until Summer 2022!! When will they actually start to implement anything, or will there be a “consultation” period first?

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