Research into Police Attitudes to Cycling

Cycling safety focus groups: call for participants

I‘m a lecturer in law at the University of Leicester and I am currently doing some research on vulnerable road users and the enforcement of road traffic offences. As part of this, I am holding focus groups with cyclists to discuss attitudes to cycling, road safety, and the adequacy of the police’s response.

At the moment, I am seeking participants and looking for a venue to host a focus group in the West Mercia police force area, particularly Worcester and Shrewsbury. If anyone here would like to participate, please send me an email ( Similarly, if anyone could help with a venue, please let me know.

The small print! Ethical approval has been granted for the research. Funding has also been secured, so a small incentive will be offered to anyone who participates (the amount and form has yet to be decided). You do not need to have been involved in an accident/incident; we are seeking views on perceptions of road safety, not on actual incidents/prosecutions. Finally, when the research is published, participants will not be named; your anonymity is guaranteed.

Steven Cammiss
Leicester Law School

If you wish to take part please contact the researcher (Steven) direct (email(

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  • I’m happy to help as I’ve offered before I also have some film that can be used

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