Not Long Now…

Just managed to get out on my first midweek ride for a long time – and got very wet in the process!!

As many of you probably know, I’m winding down to redundancy/retirement at the end of July, and managed to spend today “working at home” – so I went on the Tuesday ride to Maesbury Marsh. Along with leader John (subbing for Graham), Bill and Norman, we took the familiar route through Montford Bridge, Little Ness, Ruyton XI-Towns, Wykey, West Felton and Woolston. After removing our dripping waterproofs, we enjoyed the welcome refreshments and the respite from the rain.

A few minutes were spent trying to put said waterproofs back on again before heading back out into the downpour. However, it didn’t last long and we had an increasingly pleasant ride back through Knockin, Kinnerley, Pentre and Shrawardine. By the time we reached Montford Bridge, it was sunny enough to remove waterproofs and we decided to extend the ride via Forton Heath and Leaton.

A most enjoyable ride, only spoilt by the rain tipping down again later while I was cleaning my bike!! Hope this is the first of many more midweek rides – see you Thursday……..

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