My Second Club Ride of the Year, or will it be my Last?

My Second Club Ride of the Year, or will it be my Last?

I was hoping that this post was going to be along the lines of “it was good to get out on my bike again, now that my diet is well underway, I’m losing weight steadily and feel that I can up the exercise level”, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to disappoint.

It started out well, and, as the route below shows, it was along some familiar lanes and through pleasant countryside. However…..

I think I can best sum it up by quoting from my email to Brian:

Just about recovered from yesterday – would probably have been OK if I hadn’t missed so many rides over the past few months. My computer was showing 11.9mph when I left you and had dropped to 11.7mph when I got home (thanks to Dave for letting me sit on his wheel until Myddle). I dread to think what impression an (inexperienced) newcomer would have got – are we out on a ride as a club or just as a bedraggled procession?
Some of those out yesterday were obviously after a B ride (even though they were clearly well over that – their average must have been more than mine since they were stopped for longer, waiting for the stragglers). If that is the case, can we not persuade them find a leader and to go off on a separate ride, possibly meeting up at lunch?
and from his reply:

…you have identified an issue that I have been banging on about for ages and you are right. My problem yesterday as leader was keeping everyone on the right route having to ride up and down a “bedraggled procession” to do so. It got worse after you left us to the extent that, at one time, I chased after the leading group for nearly half a mile and up a steady slope to get them to stop at the next junction. I was at the junction first, two of them carried on anyway, so I sent the other two with them and waited for the other group to catch up and slowly rode to Upton Magna with *****, who was knackered, and *****. ***** and ***** both stayed with *****, and I thanked them for that, enabling me to keep going up and down the line. ***** did cut off home, leaving *****, *****, ***** and me to get to Upton Magna. ***** and ***** (both fairly new) just want to push on  both unwilling to wait at junctions for slower riders. 
I didn’t read your comments as a moan but articulating the current position of some rides, and the only answer seems to be ***** taking off the, so-called, faster riders wanting  to do their own thing and not be part of a group. Apart from ***** taking a group off, I don’t know the answer and I am happy to do it sometimes, but, actually, I prefer to ride as a group/social ride. I can go out two or three times a week on my own, going as fast as I like and as many hills as I like, I wish others would do the same.

This subject has arisen at Committee Meetings repeatedly over the past few years, and no-one has come up with an effective solution. However, I shall be at the Ride Fixing Meeting next week and intend leading some rides again. However, when I’m down to lead a C ride, don’t expect me to inform the group of the route, to wait at junctions for riders who’ve gone the wrong way, or even to change the route at short notice! I wait to see if that will have any effect….
Oh, and by the way, it was meant to be a C ride, 9-11mph average speed.

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  1. I assume that this correspondence refers to Tuesdays ride to Ellesmere??
    It was my first ride back after injury so I really struggled towards the end and was grateful for Ian and Brian for ushering me along I certainly contribute d to the length of the peleton after lunch
    As a result I was completely unaware of the “goings-on” up front
    As Brian says it is a club ride and like it or not there are always going to be slower riders to accommodate
    We were a big group anyway and the faster riders could have gone off on a B ride if there was a volunteer to lead
    So, let’s have some more club enthusiasts offering to lead rides for the benefit of all!

  2. This is a sad state of affairs the club is reaching and the problem was raised by me at length at our AGM years ago. The slower of us mortals are now enjoying genuine C paced rides kindly led by two or three stalwarts and the rides are very sociable with no Thomas the Tank Engines off the front. The problem might be that the faster and newer members do not know how to ride in a group and perhaps the Committee should acknowledge this. It is no small wonder that the willing leaders are few and far between !

  3. This problem had been happening for years but had recently got much worse which is why a lot of us older riders now go at 10.15 on a ride more reminiscent of a REAL C ride. Do come with us Peter.

    1. I tried to do something about this years ago when I did a lot of leading, but, although I didn’t entirely succeed, things were nothing like as bad as they are now. In my view, the C rides have been hijacked by the latest group on new riders who appear to have no conception of what it ir to participate in a group ride.

      What happened to the cards which were issued to leaders and riders about five years ago? If the scheme has lapsed is there a case for resurrecting it or something similar once more? I also feel that, though some may be hesitant, leaders should not be worried about informing riders, especially new ones, of how things are meant to work. If we educate them early enough it might stop bad habits developing.
      I also feel that leaders should report persistent offenders to the committee who in turn should take appropriate action, including written warnings and even going as far as to bar them from group rides until they agree to behave.

      The behaviour of these people is totally spoiling the enjoyment of everyone else and, having decided to come back to cycling, I have no intention of joining any official C rides whilst the present situation exists. I am grateful to John C & Julian for their efforts to bring a little sanity to the situation. Their rides are now the de facto C rides and should be recognised as such, (if that’s what they want)

      1. Thank goodness, what a wait ,firstly can I thank the members above for the common sense comments,I like others have given up on the so called C runs,due to the selfishness of certain parties within.

        the CTC rides were part of our weekly enjoyment meeting friends a stop off sometimes to discuss scenery or buildings of interest, a lunch break and a little banter to enjoy, make our way home maybe stop off for a cup of tea on the way AT A LEISURELY PACE SO WE ALL ENJOY THE DAY OUT.

        My opinion regards why I have forsaken the mid week rides is as follows,

        Why should a select number of riders hijack the basic rules of the ride, it is blatant selfishness on there behalf, and unappropriated, shameful.

        If these select ones wish to carry on doing there own thing,join a road club the you would maybe understand how we feel, or is it that you will not be the leader of the pack as you are trying to be most weeks.

        Some of us do not require your sort of outings, be gone, for the sake of the moderates

        Michael Green

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