Minutes of Committee Meeting – 25th August 2021

Those present: Celia Pardoe, Margaret Westhead, Jean Breakell, Brian Sidoli-Morris, Reha Derici & Brian Oakley

  1. Apologies: Geoff Seymour & Peter Lobban
  2. Minutes of last meeting: Approved
  3. Matters Arising: Margaret to be named on website as the Club Test & Trace Officer.
  4. Treasurers Report: Held in the Bank £2009.39. Due to Brian SM’s good stewardship of the finances 25 pence has been accrued as interest since he became treasurer! Expected outlay of up to £15 for postage on Club jerseys. Brian is still trying to resolve matters over new signatures to the Club Bank account.
  5. Website update: Discussions with Peter L are underway with the next meeting on the 29th July with a list of agreed actions. It has been agreed to stay with the current host during the change over period and then review the situation. Cost of £80 / year is considered reasonable but as it is based in the USA the helpline leaves much to be desired. Questions were raised about our facebook page but it was agreed to leave that in obeyance until the website problems have been resolved.

[Note of explanation: Peter indicated some weeks ago that he wished to stand down as Webmaster due to other commitments – Geoff, Reha & Brian SM agreed to take over as a team.]

  1. Midweek & Sunday Rides: About 17 riders taking part but the average per week is about 9. There are 6 Ride Leaders for Sunday rides but not all yet leading again after Covid. Mid week rides are still a bit hit and miss. Tuesday rides have a core of 6 or 7 with a few additional riders on an ad-hoc basis. Thursday rides have been slow to start but have now become established with 15 out on one ride. The addition of Jean and Alex as leaders has helped boost the Thursday rides. Some potential Ride Leaders ask about responsibilities and Brian O said he would look into some kind of training event. In the past the national CTC/Cycling UK had organised events that some of our current leaders had taken part in.
  2. Club jerseys: 10 had been bought with delivery 3rd week of September. Brian SM thanked for organising this again.
  3. Brian O raised what has now become the “mini-Holland” bid from the CC but funded through Shrewsbury Town Council. The issue of Cycling UK input had been raised with Alan Moseley the leader of the Council but no response.

AOB: Jean reported on Cycling4All. Pedal in the park is well received triggering ideas to get people motivated. More help is always needed and would be appreciated by Jean for a very valuable contribution she makes to those with all kinds of disabilities.

The meeting closed at 7:10pm with thanks to Celia for hosting the meeting on a very pleasant evening. A garden is certainly better than zoom!


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