Mawddag Valley Ride

The last time I saw the Mawddag Valley trail was on a TV program. Bathed in sunlight it looked beautiful. Thanks to Sally's leadership, and a very wiggly drive to get there, I was among a group of eleven who sauntered along it to Barmouth. Being the first day of a summer month, the sun was, of course, resting from its June labours, so the magnificent hills were wrapped in mist. The ride was still lovely, short, warm rain showers not having enough impact to dampen spirits.

Sally and I paddled in the warm sea while our companions headed off for fish and chips. We joined them shortly after, tramping in to the eatery in bare sandy feet.

Tea and gorgeus cakes at Jeannie and David's holiday home in Fairbourn (joined by civvy clad Peter and Anita on a train tour).

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