Information for Riders

We offer a broad range of rides to suit most riders - the varying levels of ride are explained in the table below, though this is a rough guide only. It is important to note that we ride to the pace of the slowest rider on that particular ride - no one is ever left behind! Please click on the sections below to open them and read them:

A :: 12+mph B :: 10-12mph C :: 9-11mph D :: <10mph
Sh :: 15-35ml M :: 30-50ml St :: 40-65ml L :: 60-80ml
F :: flat U :: undulating H :: hilly V :: very hilly
Group Days Contact Phone Meet
Shrewsbury Freewheelers Sunday Hazel Nowell 01743 232345 The Square, Shrewsbury at 09:30 (unless specified)
Shrewsbury Midweek Tuesday & Thursday Brian Oakley 01952 510546 under Greyfriars Bridge (on the towpath), Shrewsbury at 10:00 (unless specified)
Shrewsbury Saturday Saturday Martin Beardwell 01743 231604 Red Barn PH, Longden Road, Shrewsbury at 09:30

If you haven't been with us before, you may be wondering what to take with you. Any type of bicycle will be suitable as long as it is roadworthy. The bicycle needs a spare inner tube, pump and tools to remove wheel and tyre in case of a puncture. You should also take a drink for en-route and lunch or money to buy food if out all day. Waterproofs are sometimes needed and should always be taken just in case; it is more comfortable to carry spare items on the bike in a saddlebag or pannier.

You do not have to be a member to try any of these rides; however, you are limited to attending three rides as a "guest" before you are expected to join Cycling UK. Members have valuable benefits including third party insurance, legal aid, advice on all aspects of cycling and an excellent bi-monthly magazine. For details, call 0870 873 0061 or email

The following are some simple guidelines that we expect all riders to follow:

  1. Rider safety is paramount.
  2. The leader is in charge of the ride.
  3. Ensure that your bike is roadworthy; wear suitable clothing for the conditions.
  4. Ride in pairs unless instructed to ‘single-out’ by the leader.
  5. Do not ride in front of the leader except on his/her invitation.
  6. Warn of hazards in the road and when slowing or stopping.
  7. ‘Car back’ and ‘car front’ will be called by the leader or back-marker when necessary; pass the message through the group.
  8. Be considerate to other road users but never wave them past.
  9. Inform the leader if you intend to leave the ride and why.
  10. These guidelines exist to promote group safety and everyone’s enjoyment.

Always follow the Highway Code