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Some Birthday Challenges

Husband Peter set himself some targets to aim for to celebrate his 80th Birthday in July.

  1.  To ride another time trial.  His last one was in 2013.  Achieved in his club's end of season 10 mile event on Sep 15 - 25min 41sec done on his road bike.
  2. To ride 100 miles.  Achieved on a hilly ride on Sep 27 to Bala and then to and along the Welsh coast  in 6hr 40 min.
  3. To reach another life cycling milestone - 1,000,000km (621,371 miles).  Achieved on a ride on Oct 7.
  4. To ride over the Stelvio Pass (9045ft) again, last done in 1993.  A remarkable alpine pass with 52 hairpins on one side and 48 on the other.  Achieved on a virtual computer programme linked to his interactive trainer on Oct 10.  Much too cold for the real ride this year.  Targeted for next June.