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Solo Riding in Shropshire?

Well, didn’t we have a nice cycle ride today? Seeing as it’s a Tuesday (a usual club mid-week ride day for those with short memories) Anne and I decided to go for a quiet ride around the lanes close to home. We hadn’t gone too far when we had the pleasure of bumping into Graham and Jenny M (neither of whom we’ve seen for ages), so we had a nice chat with them.  

A few miles further on near Kinton we bumped into Dave B, again completely unplanned, so we had a chance to catch up with him too. He also told us that he’d seen and spoken with Peter S (also cycling) earlier in the morning.

On our way back home we heard the familiar warning cry of ‘car back’ from a fellow cyclist who’d closed to within hearing distance of us. After the car went past, the caller turned out to be Martin C!

It was lovely to be out, and, by chance, great to see so many familiar faces. It makes me wonder how many lanes there are in Shropshire. So, to all, keep cycling, keep safe and keep in touch with each other via the website or the new Whatsapp group,

I should say in all seriousness  that we didn’t literally ‘bump into’ anybody, and none of our meetings were prearranged. We also all carefully maintained the govt. recommended safe distance of being at least one bicycle length apart from each other at all times.

I must be choosing the wrong routes - saw plenty of cyclists yesterday, but none that I knew!! However, did bump into Graham and Jenny on the Roman Road on my way to the chemists - they must be keen!