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I'll be first...

My wife gave me a list before Christmas of 'things' that needed doing this year. My first reaction was "when do I get to go out on my bike?" That was knocked on the head when I got back from China at New Year and started getting bouts of vertigo - and no, nothing to do with coronavirus! I've tried, a couple of times, a short ride round the block, and cornering wasn't too bad, but braking to a stop was a bit hairy. Looks like I'm walking for the foreseeable future.

Anyway, back to the list - made a start on decorating our bedroom at the weekend, and was on the finishing straight yesterday afternoon when my daughter, Pippa, rang. She's the coordinator of the Food Hub, and desperately needed a volunteer to collect 'some food' from Greggs on the Wenlock Road and on Pride Hill. They'd been operating on a takeaway only basis for about a week, then suddenly got a call from HQ to close until further notice. Since they'd had a delivery that morning and had not had many customers, there was a 'lot' to collect - filled the whole of the back of my car, plus passenger seat. Bread, pasties, sausage rolls, sandwiches, baguettes, cakes - would have made a good cyclist's lunch on the road!

Three hours later, after taking it all to Riversway Church in Harlescott and sorting and packing it, I got home, looked at the decorating and decided a bath was a better option. Did manage to finish it this morning though - I wonder what's next on the list?


Couldn't let the best day, weather-wise, of the year so far go to waste, so gave my renovated Rourke an outing this morning.

You may think I've moved to the right, but you couldn't be further from the truth - just fancied a change from red! Anyway, all went fairly smoothly, except for the new chain slipping on my usual third sprocket, so will have to buy a new cassette. Oh, and the only time my vertigo revealed itself was when I looked up at a kestrel hovering. Not many miles, but a gentle first ride since my Soup and Mince Pies Ride before Christmas.