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Change to Start Time??

What time should Midweek Rides start at during BST?
10:00 (as at present)
I don't come on them
I don't mind
Start ALL rides earlier

There is a proposal coming before the next Committee Meeting to start Midweek Rides earlier. The consensus, on asking around during rides, is that this should apply just when the clocks have gone forward (during BST), but I thought that I'd get a more wide-ranging view by means of this poll. Please respond by 22 May.

I don't have a strong view on start times for Mid Week rides. The general point I'd make is that for those club members who don't live in Shrewsbury 9.00am starts might be tricky. Happy to trial 9.30am especially during the summer months. Hope this helps Richard C

I do not regularly ride in mid week. But when I ride I would prefer to start early and finish early so that there is a reasonable block of time left after the ride for other activities. For me, one hour earlier start would make a considerable difference. 

The argument for change seem to be two fold. 1. I want more time at the end of the day for other activities and 2.On a particular ride everyone riding turned up 20 minutes early but the ride couldn't start until 10:00am. Had the argument been ….because it's Summer we can have longer rides then I would have seen that as a sustainable argument. However 1 and 2 above are shallow arguments. I have now been riding mid week for 11 years and there has never been a clamour for an early start to enable an early finish. Practically it's nonsense. Start at 9:00am and riding 23 to 26 miles at C pace (23 to 26 miles being the range for C rides) you would be waiting for the lunch time Pub to open. Alternatively a long pre lunch ride with a very short return trip. Also it is most unusual for riders to arrive 20 minutes early, on most rides we will give 5 minutes above the staring time for late comers.

What might be worthy of consideration is if a Ride Leader wanted a longer B or C ride (remember the B or C denotes the pace not the speed) with perhaps, on a pleasant Summer afternoon, a tea stop then that could be built in to the programme and listed on our website.

My personal preference is for a, mainly,  10:00am start. To avoid using the busy A458 from home to Greyfriars Bridge I travel the lanes so I leave home at 8:40am. If I leave earlier I still get caught in the morning rush hour, mainly the school run. 9:00 am at Greyfriars is a non starter for me. I know Reha travels further than me but he does the A458 in his car to Greyfriars.

Brian O

I think 9.30 is a good time as it’s still after the rush hour . Recently it’s been nearly 5 pm and always after 4 pm before I get home , which leaves no time to do anything else . It’s one reason why I only come out once per week as much as I love to be on my bike . I’d also like a morning only ride , but that’s another story ... . Maybe the ride leaders could decide as it’s most important that they are happy ? Celia P .