Ride to Guilsfield (CMF/U)

22 June 2021 @ 10:00
William Clement Memorial (Obelisk), Greyfriars
Brian Sidoli-Morris

This ride will be around 45-50 miles back to the outskirts of Shrewsbury.
Please bring a picnic, but it is possible that the cafe at the Garden Centre will be fully open at this point as an option (either for a drink or for a meal).

Please note the new start location by the William Clement Memorial (known as the Obelisk) – this is just around the corner from the old location of Greyfriars Bridge, as this provides more space to be spread out.

    Midweek Rides Group rules: – Updated as at 1st May 2021 (coming out of Lockdown-3)

These summarise & interpret Cycling UK’s latest policy dated 23rdApr 2021. Everyone riding has the responsibility to comply, in order to meet their own & the group’s legal obligations, & for CUK Ride Leader & the individual’s insurance to remain valid.
Screening: Don’t attend if showing symptoms
Group size: individual group max of 15 riders (using Cycling UK’s organised sports exemption to the rule of 6)
Meeting point: Maintain 2m social distancing & segregation should be in distinct groups adhering to the rule of 6
Sign-on process: Ride Leader to complete sign-on sheet
New Riders: provide contact details (name/mobile#/email address) for Track&Trace
o Ride Leader will wherever possible avoid busy areas, paths, joint cyclist/pedestrian lanes
o Routes into Wales can now be used
Food: Sandwiches still preferred, but planned outdoor café stops can be used
Stops: 11’s & lunch in quiet/open locations. If a café used, try to make sure that all riders will be comfortable using it & that an alternative picnic location is available for those who choose not to use it. Note: segregation is required back to distinct groups adhering to the rule of six.
Social distancing: ideally 2m but minimum 1m plus – avoid bunching/pelotons – avoid slipstreaming – avoid shouting (Ride Leader may intervene if blatant/continuous disregard for safety)
Main roads: split into smaller sub-groups (for easier overtaking)
Emergency/Injury: minimise contact; wear mask/plastic gloves (dispose afterwards); don’t share equipment/tools; call ambulance immediately rather than assessing injuries (unless obviously minor)
Track&Trace: Ride Leader to provide Brian O. (Midweek Rides Co-Ordinator) subsequently with the sign-on details (not the form) – names of regulars sufficient; Brian to collate & provide full details to MW (Club’s Coronavirus Officer) within 48 hours
Other: use common sense

For further info on group riding under Covid-19, please refer to CUK’s website for full advice & guidance:


and for general information:

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