Christmas Ride to British Ironwork Centre, Oswestry (CMU)

19 December 2021 @ 10:00
The Square (meet)
Brian Sidoli-Morris
07801 901454

So, we’ve reached the last ride before Christmas – another difficult year over 😷.

This route will be undulating & about 37 miles back to the water tower. We’ll be using a piece of road that I don’t think we’ve used for many years, plus another piece of tarmac that I doubt anyone has ever been down before.

In keeping with the attraction’s animal exhibits, we’ll have a quick bit of entertainment via Cruisers Animal Christmas Crackers (conveniently abbreviated to CACC). The light meals are reasonably price, so I’m hoping everyone will forgo bringing sandwiches for this ride so we can stay together. We’ll also get photos with a few of the exhibits – so if you want to bring some festive attire, then that would be good.

There are, sort of 4 separate eating areas at the Ironworks:

inside – depending how many of us there are & what table(s) are free, this might not meet everyone’s preference as regards both suitable & comfortable social distancing. 

outside garden “room” under cover – lots of space/distancing but might be a tad nippy unless you’ve got some good thermals on.

really outside – as above but even colder

inside/outside garden “room” with two heaters – this is my favourite & I’m hoping that we can nab the large table here (even if we have to wait a bit), as this should suit everyone. 


PS: If anyone wants to just meet us for lunch, then that would be good.

PPS: There won’t be a ride on Sun 26th – the next ride will be on Sun 2nd – so if you’re not out 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄MERRY CHRISTMAS🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄


For info on individual cycling & group riding under Covid-19, please refer to CUK’s website:

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