Ride to Much Wenlock (CMU/H)

16 May 2021 @ 10:00
The Square (meet)
Reha Derici
07971 400884

This Sunday (16th May) we are going to Much Wenlock.

It is a 34 mile ride, on the “hillier” side of “undulating”. But don’t let the hills discourage you. There will be beautiful views when we are up and the legs will rest when rolling down.

Will start at the square at 10:00 and will go via Uffington, Upton Magna, Wroxeter, Eyton on Severn, Eaton Constantine, Cressage and Sheinton.

Lunch (packed lunch) will be at the recreation grounds at Much Wenlock.

Our return route will be through Homer, Harley, Harnage Grange, Upper Cound, Eaton Mascot, Berrington and Betton Abbots.

Hope to see you all. Please make sure that your granny gears are well lubricated.

If you are intending to join us en route please let me know by telephone beforehand (07971 400 884). 

Otherwise see you at the square before 10 am. 

Reha Derici


Sunday Cruisers Group rules: – Updated as at 1st May 2021 (coming out of Lockdown-3)

These summarise & interpret Cycling UK’s latest policy dated 23rd Apr 2021. Everyone riding has the responsibility to comply, in order to meet their own & the group’s legal obligations, & for CUK Ride Leader & the individual’s insurance to remain valid.
Screening: Don’t attend if showing symptoms
Group size: individual group max of 15 riders (using Cycling UK’s organised sports exemption to the rule of 6)
Meeting point: Maintain 2m social distancing & segregation should be in distinct groups adhering to the rule of 6
Sign-on process: Ride Leader to complete sign-on sheet
New Riders: provide contact details (name/mobile#/email address) for Track&Trace
o Ride Leader will wherever possible avoid busy areas, paths, joint cyclist/pedestrian lanes
o Routes into Wales can now be used
Food: Sandwiches still preferred, but planned outdoor café stops can be used
Stops: 11’s & lunch in quiet/open locations. If a café used, try to make sure that all riders will be comfortable using it & that an alternative picnic location is available for those who choose not to use it. Note: segregation is required back to distinct groups adhering to the rule of 6
Social distancing: ideally 2m but minimum 1m plus – avoid bunching/pelotons – avoid slipstreaming – avoid shouting (Ride Leader may intervene if blatant/continuous disregard for safety)
Main roads: split into smaller sub-groups (for easier overtaking)
Emergency/Injury: minimise contact; wear mask/plastic gloves (dispose afterwards); don’t share equipment/tools; call ambulance immediately rather than assessing injuries (unless obviously minor)
Track&Trace: Ride Leader to provide BSM (Sunday Cruisers Rides Co-Ordinator) subsequently with the sign-on details (not the form) – names of regulars sufficient; BSM to collate & provide full details to MW (Club’s Coronavirus Officer) within 48 hours
Other: use common sense

For further info on group riding under Covid-19, please refer to CUK’s website for full advice & guidance:


and for general information:

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