Ride to Hawkstone/Hodnet (CMU)

6 December 2020 @ 09:30
The Square (meet)
Brian Sidoli-Morris
07801 901454

A detailed email will be sent out to the Cruisers distribution group a few days before the ride.

Sunday Cruisers Group rules: – As at 17th Sept (reviewed 16th Oct – but no change)
These summarise & interpret Cycling UK’s latest policy dated 14th Sept. Everyone riding has the responsibility to comply, in order to meet their own & the group’s legal obligations, & for CUK Ride Leader & the individual’s insurance to remain valid.

Screening: Don’t attend if showing symptoms
Group size: individual group max of 6 riders (by law), but multiple groups permitted
Meeting point: Extra & obvious distancing between riders (suggest 4m)
Sign-on process: Ride Leader to complete sign-on sheet; allocate riders to Group#1 (faster riders) or Group#2; issue armbands to Group#2 – wear on right arm (washed/sanitised between rides) – these provide external visibility of the different groups; allocate experienced Group#2 rider (preferably a Ride Leader) as it’s Navigator & provide a copy of the route along with route’s pre-assessed risk factors
New Riders: provide contact details (name/mobile#/email address) for Track&Trace
Route: Ride Leader will wherever possible avoid busy areas, paths, joint cyclist/pedestrian lanes; simple route to aide Group#2’s follow-on/navigation
Food: Sandwiches only/No café stops
Stops: 11’s & lunch in quiet/open locations
Segregation: Riders remain in their allocated Group at all times; Groups must not come into contact with one another on the road (as a guide, suggest 300m or 1 minute as a minimum); Groups must retain segregation at 11’s & lunch stop; Back Marker of each group should keep the group reasonably compact so that it can be seen to be two distinct groups (rather than one in “washing line” formation)
Social distancing: ideally 2m but minimum 1m plus – avoid bunching/pelotons – avoid slipstreaming – avoid shouting (Ride Leader may intervene if blatant/continuous disregard for safety)
Main roads: split into smaller sub-groups (for easier overtaking)
Emergency/Injury: minimise contact; wear mask/plastic gloves (dispose afterwards); don’t share equipment/tools; call ambulance immediately rather than assessing injuries (unless obviously minor)
Track&Trace: Ride Leader to provide BSM (Sunday Cruisers Rides Co-Ordinator) subsequently with the sign-on details (not the form) – names of regulars sufficient; BSM to collate & provide full details to MW (Club’s Coronavirus Officer) within 48 hours
Other: use common sense

[Refer to CUK website for full advice & guidance]

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