Ride to Cressage (CMU)

6 September 2020 @ 09:30
The Square (meet)
Mike Greaves
07890 968604

The CUK arm of The Cruisers is back in action !
This Sunday, 6th September is the first club ride for five long months. It’ll be a ride of approx 45 miles to Cressage and beyond . . . . . departing the Square Shrewsbury at 9.30am.
Lunch stop at Wrockwardine Church, bring your own refreshments or The Cycle Cafe opposite the church may be open.

Smiles are a must!😷 😀

Guidance points:-
• Screening: Don’t attend if showing symptoms
• Group size: max 15
• Sign-on sheet: Ride Leader to complete & thereafter pass details (not the form) to BSM for Track&Trace
• New Riders: to provide contact details (name/mobile#/email address) for Track&Trace
• Route: wherever possible, avoid busy areas, paths, joint cyclist/pedestrian lanes
• Social distancing: ideally 2m but min 1m plus – avoid bunching/pelotons – avoid slipstreaming
(Ride Leader may intervene if blatant/continuous disregard for safety)
• Main roads: split into smaller groups (easier overtaking)
• Stops: 11’s & lunch in quiet/open locations
• Food: Sandwiches/No cafes for the time being (unless stated otherwise)
• Other: use common sense

[Refer to CUK website for full guidance]

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