Cruisers Cheshire Century – Sunday 17th May

We’re planning on having a “little” adventure on Sunday 17th May – so save the date if you’re interested.

This would be a 100 mile ride up into Cheshire & back, as far north as Beeston Castle – we’ve already got a basic route outlined (a variation on the one inherited from the club’s President Martin Beardwell) – it’s currently flat to undulating, but we’ll do some more work on it to make it as flat as possible & over decent roads.

I’ve already had a provisional Yes to the ride & date making 10 of us so far: me, Nick, Reha, Malcolm, Mark, Steve K., Bill, Matt, Jackie & Jackie’s friend (Steve H. would be a Yes, but unfortunately on holiday).

The ride will be in much the same vein as a normal Sunday Cruisers ride, but obviously a tad longer……..: start at 8am; plan based on an average of 10.5 to 11 mph (i.e. at the top end of Sunday C-ride speed); as the majority of the route will be flat, the actual speed could be a bit higher than this, but only if everyone’s comfortable; cut down on the numerous ad-hoc stops to avoid “wasting” time; still have scheduled stops – mid-morning (possibly a sandwich stop?), lunch (possibly pre-ordered?) & afternoon tea & cake; aiming to get back into Shrewsbury for before 8p.m.

Note: Everyone’s welcome to come along, but please bear in mind that the Cruisers don’t go quite as fast as the other groups, so you’d need to be relaxed about this.

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  1. Brian.
    Email address is or
    Should you accept my offer my mobile number is 07929 085552 but I confess it’s not glued to my body like many are (of course would be whilst your jaunt is taking place).

  2. Brian
    100 miles too far for me but having a Thule 2-bike carrier fixed to my car and also the capability of taking a couple of passengers I’d be happy to collect and return to Shrewsbury breakdowns or riders and bike unable to complete your course.
    Contact could be made by mobile phone.
    Just a suggestion.

    1. Hi Ken,

      I’ve tried sending you an email, but it keeps bouncing back. The mail I receive said your email address is:


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