Consultation of the North West Relief Road (NWRR) – closing date is this Thursday, 30 April.

Dear all

If you haven’t yet done so please do take a moment to let Shropshire Council know your views of the North West Relief Road (NWRR). The consultation can be found at:-


Please encourage your contacts to do the same – the closing date is this Thursday, 30 April.

Sustainable Transport Shropshire (of which Cycling UK Shropshire is a member) have suggested not filling in the questionnaire (as it presumes that the road will be built) and emailing the council directly at to let them have your views.

If it’s helpful, Shropshire FoE are suggesting saying something like “I would like to respond to the consultation on the NWRR but am not willing to participate in the questionnaire because I do not feel that it addresses the key concerns that I have about the road (for instance it doesn’t ask if you think that the road should be built).  I do not agree that the council should waste its resources on this risky, expensive, environmentally damaging road when there are better and cheaper alternatives that will address the real problems that Shropshire’s residents are facing”.  You will need to give your name and address, OR enter a similar statement in the “comments” box against question 12 of the questionnaire stating why you don’t want the road to be built and apart from your name etc don’t answer any other question.

Alternatively, you may wish to support the building of the road. Either way, it’s important for cyclists to put forward their views on this important topic.

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  1. Hi Martin,
    I submitted an email weeks & weeks ago asking questions about the cycling provision regarding the NWRR & the connecting roads, but to date I have had no response.
    So I will now submit another email saying I object to it, on the grounds that insufficient information has been provided regarding the cycling provision.

    Brian S-M

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