Committee members as at Aug 25th 2021


President: Martin Beardwell

Chair: Reha Derici

Secretary: Brian Oakley

Treasurer: Brian Sidoli-Morris


Membership Secretary: Brian Oakley

Midweek Rides Secretary: Brian Oakley

Publicity Secretary: VACANT

Sunday Rides Secretary: Brian Sidoli-Morris

Track & Trace Officer: Margaret Westhead

Web Administration Team: Reha Derici, Geoff Seymour, Brian Sidoli-Morris

Welfare Officer: Celia Pardoe

Committee member: Peter Lobban

C4All Shropshire Representative: Jean Breakell




2 comments on Committee members as at Aug 25th 2021

  1. I agree with Su
    We are very lucky to have a dedicated Committee working so well on our behalf, especially now with all the challenges caused by the covid regs

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