Car-assist to Malpas

Four of us had a very pleasant 30 mile ride from Malpas yesterday. Only one light soaking of rain in the morning. Otherwise quite reasonable weather. Some great views, some lovely countryside ( it was good to cycle in a new location), lots of potholes (I think Cheshire roads are worse than Shropshire’s!), and a pleasant lunch next to the canal at the Shady Oak pub at Huxley.
It was disappointing that more cyclists did not make the effort to come. They missed a good ride. I understand the last car-assist ride to Vyrnwy was very poorly attended as well. Individuals make quite an effort to plan car assists and check out the route etc. We could at least support them better or they will cease to happen.

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  1. Hi Julian,
    I agree it’s a shame these rides are not better supported for the reasons you have already stated plus a chance to see some different lanes and countryside is great. I didn’t attend these rides this year as I was away ‘Cycling’ in the Algarve. It would seem that the familiar local lanes hold more appeal, although fine as the lanes maybe a chance for the occasional more adventurous outing is very rewarding.

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