The day we went to Barmouth

We all had a great time. The day we went to Barmouth. Beautiful scenery, lovely weather, no hills, no rain, little wind and fish and chips for some followed by tea and cakes for all (thank you David and Jeannie). And, Oh Yes, we cycled a little as well!! From the Penmaenpool carpark to Barmouth and back.

And then there was the puncture! An explosion like a pistol shot was traced to Graham’s back wheel. A tricky mend needing a new tyre bought at the handily situated bike shop in Barmouth took the combined efforts of four men (as seen in photo – if I can manage to upload it – maybe in the Gallery). The rest of us sat in the sun and appreciated the delights of the bay.

Those of you who felt a 90 minute drive was not worth the effort, you missed a very enjoyable day. Even if we probably all came back full of cake and with no aching muscle as is often the case with me after a midweek ride.

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