Postponement of Club 2020 AGM

Dear members,
Cycling UK has issued the advice (below in italics) regarding AGMs. The committee has therefore decided to postpone the AGM until spring 2021 (when, hopefully, the future might be a little clearer!).
If any members have any burning issues that might be addressed by the committee in the meantime please let committee members know so that they can be discussed.
Cycling UK Member Groups are required to have their AGMs every year in October or November. In light of the pandemic and the unpredictability of the restrictions that may be in place in the autumn, we wanted to let you know that AGMs will not be a mandatory requirement this year. AGMs and Annual Returns will be postponed until April/May. As an organisation, we have moved our financial year-end to April to accommodate this.

To read the documents we have for a particular AGM, click on the year below:
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