AGM Minutes – April 29th 2021 (via Zoom)

Appointment of Chair for the meeting: Martin Beardwell Proposed Brian Oakley

                                                                                    Seconded Brian Sidoli-Morris

Present: B. Sidoli-Morris, P. Lobban, P.Crofts, P. Mattison, G. Seymour, B. Nelson, L. Ball, L. Hamilton, J. Wellman, B. Goodman, S. Kefford, C. Pardoe, R. D   S.Evans, K.Read-Jones, C. Parsons, B.Oakley

Apologies: H. Nowell, J&J.Leese, T. Davies, J. Birch, J.Cooper

Finance Report: Attached to the minutes. Linda Hamilton who is standing down as treasurer was thanked for her long contribution to the Shropshire Branch of Cycling UK and before that the CTC.

Committee Report: The committee had not met for 12 months due to the pandemic apart from two informal gatherings to consider rides in the light of the latest Government Regulations. No formal rides had been published although some had met informally for rides. Martin Anderson had finished as Group secretary on 1st October 2020 and was thanked for his work. Other committee members had expressed a desire to leave from this AGM and again were thanked for their contribution.

Elections: Treasurer: Brian Sidoli-Morris. Proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed

                  Secretary: Brian Oakley: Proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed.

Group Ride Reports:

Sunday Cruisers Report from Brian SM


Firstly, I’d like to stress that during the pandemic I have been & continue to be, very wary in social distancing & prefer to err on the side of caution whenever possible.

However, balancing against this, I’ve been keen to continue providing Cruisers Sunday rides whenever government restrictions allowed, for the benefit of the group & its camaraderie, but also mindful that it was also promoting the club through these difficult times, especially as a lot of us wear the club jerseys.

Our rides have been strictly following CUK H.O. guidance throughout. A condensed Cruisers Group Rules was put together, discussed with & agreed by the group before the initial restart in Sept, & was then frequently updated as the situation changed. Every ride posted on the website has had these “group rules” listed to confirm how we were operating should any newcomers think of attending.

In Sept/Oct & again in Dec/Jan when lockdowns were eased, we operated with multiple segregated groups of 6 & this worked pretty well. We still managed to put on 21 rides during the 2020 year, getting 9 & 11 riders out on two rides in Sept/Oct.

Now in April: we are operating under CUK’s organised sports exemption – meaning a max group size of 15. So far in 2021, we’ve managed to put on 5 rides, getting 11 & 12 riders out on two rides.

The above rider numbers have confirmed that there was & is demand for the rides to continue whenever possible, & that leaders & riders felt comfortable with the way we were operating.

Although we have been & continue to struggle a little bit for ride leaders (because 4 are still not “available” & 1 has left), the 4 remaining ride leaders are managing to cover & we have a published schedule of rides every Sunday up to the end of Jun.


Sunday Freewheelers Report from Hazel Nowel


With the AGM imminent, those of us currently riding with the Freewheelers have decided not to resume as a formal section of the club.

During the pandemic, the six of us have carried on riding together on Sundays, whenever covid-19 restrictions have allowed.  From now on, though, other commitments will make it impossible for us to offer regular, published rides.  Whether someone else would be interested in taking on ‘the Freewheelers’ and restoring it to its former significance remains a question for the committee.

Midweek Rides Report from Brian Oakley

During the last 12 months the mid week groups (Tuesday & Thursday) have been completely curtailed because of the pandemic. In an effort to keep some semblance of normality informal groups of six have met for rides as long as Government Regulations allowed. These were not formal Cycling UK rides. Since the 29th March (2021) rides have been published on our website as organized rides were able to resume with a max of 15 riders as long as social distancing was adhered to at morning and lunch stops.

The task now is to get, when riders feel comfortable, back to a proper programme of rides, currently we are only able to sustain Tuesday rides. Over the Summer months I hope we can return to a full mid week programme but this will depend on more leaders coming forward.

The fallout from the last twelve months will be for the new committee to resolve.


Auditor: Mr. Dave Hill

New Committee: Margaret Westhead, Celia Pardoe, Reha Derici, Brian Oakley, Brian Sidoli-Morris, Geoff Seymour.

[Jean Breakell joined after the AGM]

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