A Grand Day Out

Peter Croft led a grand day out from Wolverhampton down the canal into Gas Street Basin in the heart of Birmingham.

A small band of travellers, a select seven, turned out (for all of you who worry about a lift to the C/A start, help is always there – please contact the leader). It’s a great pity more didn’t take up the offer of a ride in a unique area and to experience something new. We managed approx 32 miles with an average speed of 7.4 mph. We saw numerous locks, plenty of wild life and, to a man and a dog, friendly people!

After a hearty lunch and some much-needed drying out, we returned with sunshine and marveled at the bridges, the length of tunnels and the engineering. Can you spot the photo with 2 canals, a railway bridge and a motorway in the Gallery?

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