This Year’s AGM and another Social Event!!

This year’s AGM will be on Sunday 19th November at Rodington Village hall from 11 – 12.30 in the morning. Please put that date in your diary.
Two days before that on Friday 17th November there is a far more exciting evening planned. An Evening of Historic Slides presented by Ken Knight. He has spent a long time digitalising old glass slides from , I believe, the thirties and forties, which are in the CTC Archives, and show what cycling used to be like in the past. The evening will be at the Holy Trinity Church Hall in Meole Brace and start at 7.30pm. More information about this evening will follow nearer the time.
So do not book your holidays or be out of town in the middle of November!!

One Response to This Year’s AGM and another Social Event!!

  • I can remember Ken creating his project from the collection of old slides, probably getting on for ten years ago now. Along with Dennis Raybould, one on the stalwarts from when the mid week group was set up in the early nineties, and who sadly died in 2010, I had a slight input into the project. I checked the Welsh place names for accuracy. The slides really are worth seeing and show that they were a different breed of people in those days; a few feet of snow didn’t deter them as you’ll probably see, and their weekends away were quite something. Often riding through the night on a Friday, they’d have a full day, say, in North Wales, climb Tryfan or the Glyders on the Sunday morning, before setting off for home after lunch.
    I would urge you to see this glimpse of the past, when roads were bad and when kit and bike were still in their infancy.

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