Shrewsbury Integrated Transport Scheme

Shrewsbury Council have £3million (I think that is the correct figure) to improve transport around the town centre. I believe this is money they bid for nationally and were successful.

A draft scheme is out for consultation at the moment. Information can be found on the new Shropshire Council website but you have to search a bit on the site.

Even though cycling is only a small part of the scheme, it would help if as many cyclists as possible looked at the draft proposals and commented on them, even if it is just to fill in the online questionnaire which can be found with some difficulty on their website.

One Response to Shrewsbury Integrated Transport Scheme

  • As I understand it the Council have secured funding for improved transport in and around Shrewsbury and have some ideas about how this should be spent, and on what. They are asking for comments as to whether they have got this ‘right’ and my sense is that at least some of it could be flexible, including the proposed phasing of activities. Cycling does feature but it’s not the main issue under discussion (traffic flow and the ‘look’ of the town are amongst the highest priorities).

    The way I found the questionnaire (today) was to access the SC website, then search for ‘Shrewsbury Integrated Transport Package’ and the questionnaire is on the page. There is a free text box for comments e.g. about cycling!

    This is (should be) of interest to (i) anybody living in / travelling through Shrewsbury and (ii) anybody that cycles in / through Shrewsbury. Please encourage friends and family to complete the questionnaire.

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