How to Add a Map

Figure 1 :: WP GPX Maps Listing

In the dashboard, click on WP GPX Maps on the menu on the left (see Fig 1). Here, you will find a list of all the maps you have previously uploaded. The maps will be generated from a GPX file that you can upload.

The GPX file can be downloaded from a route-planning website, or from a sat-nav, or maybe downloaded from someone else’s website, and can be of a route that you plan to ride or of a ride that you have completed.

To upload a file, click on the Upload…. button near the top.

Figure 2 :: File Upload Dialog

This will open the File Upload dialog. Navigate to a GPX file, select it and click on the Open button (see Fig 2).

(If you have a file in one of the many other formats used for mapping, there are many websites that will convert it to .gpx format for free.)

Figure 3 :: File Uploaded

This should take you to the listing where your newly uploaded file should be displayed (see Fig 3).

Figure 4 :: Highlight Shortcode

To display the map in a post, you will need to copy and paste the shortcode (everything between and including the [ & ]) into the post. First highlight it (see Fig 4) then copy it (press CTRL & C).

Figure 5 :: Post with Shortcode

Put the cursor in your post where you want the map to be displayed and insert (press SHIFT & INS or CTRL & V) the shortcode (see Fig 5). Save the post by clicking the Update button, then view it by clicking the link at the top.

Figure 6 :: Map Displayed in Post

The map should be displayed in the post (see Fig 6), and, if you scroll down the page, you should see….

Figure 7 :: Map Profile

….the profile of the route (see Fig 7). You can, of course, zoom the map with the + & – buttons top-left, and pan by dragging the map with the mouse.