On all pages, you will find a menu at the top so that you can navigate around the site.

If you click on ‘login’, you will be taken to a special page where you can login to the site (you only need to use this to login if you are going to add something to the site – everything is visible whether you’re logged in or not).

However, can we suggest that you at least register on the site (by clicking ‘register’) since we will then be able to communicate notices and reminders to you about things to do with CTC Shropshire. There are similar boxes elsewhere that allow you to subscribe to our weekly rides/events email and to subscribe to receive posts on the news, blog and gallery.

Elsewhere on the site, you will usually find a menu on the right that enables you to explore that section.

Good luck, and let us know if you have any problems!

[This is a section still under development. At the moment, there are pages of instructions on ‘How to Register’ (the prerequisite to being able to blog, add rides, events and news, and to upload photos to the gallery), ‘How to Blog’ and ‘How to Add a Map’.

Further pages will be added in the coming weeks. All of these pages can be found by clicking on the menu to the right.

(Hint :: If you have difficulty reading the contents of the pages shown in the images, just click on them to see them enlarged; to return to the page you were viewing, just click the Back button in your browser.)]