A very thoughtful message from Vivian Osbourne

Mrs Vivian Osborne, mother of David Osborne, has become aware that the funeral of Arthur Broadhurst has been arranged by a solicitor in the absence of any family, and as a result his service is likely to be quite brief. She believes that it would be nice if any mourners at David’s service who also knew Arthur should therefore feel free to stay at the crematorium for the final goodbye to another cycling friend in a fitting manner. Those who do stay are then invited to join the Osborne family and other mourners at the Peacock Inn, on Wenlock Road, for refreshments.

4 Responses to A very thoughtful message from Vivian Osbourne

  • Correction. The second sentence should read “should not go unremarked upon. Sorry

  • It would have been nice if someone who knew Arthur could contribute something to his funeral. He was an ex-RAF pilot in the second world war, something which should no go on remarked upon. There is a poem written by a pilot which would go well on such an occasion I feel

  • I add my thanks to that. It’s too far to come from Surrey for a funeral, but I recall that when I organised the first ever ‘Tour of the Hills’ Audax Super Grimpeur over 30 years ago Doris and Arthur provided indispensable help running the control atop Leith Hill.

  • What a kind thought, so sorry i cant be there.

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